Biological Evidence Analysis



Serological processing involves the examination of evidence for the presence of biological fluids or hairs which may then be identified and isolated for DNA analysis.

Biological Fluid Identification Services

  • Human Blood (confirmatory)
  • Animal Blood (confirmatory)
  • Semen and/or Seminal Fluid (confirmatory)
  • Saliva (presumptive)
  • Urine (presumptive)
  • Feces (presumptive)


Other Services

  • Microscopic identification/isolation of cellular material for DNA analysis
  • Gross comparison of hair and determination of root material appropriateness for DNA analysis
  • Item wearer/handler identification
  • Case review



DNA analysis is the best method to date of individualizing biological evidence. DNA analysis is conducted on biological material isolated from serological processing. Results are compared with known exemplars from victims and/or suspects and conclusions are drawn regarding the inclusion or exclusion of each individual. Statistical significance is calculated upon inclusion.
  • STR (most discriminating)
  • YSTR (male detection)
  • Mitochondrial DNA (maternal ineage relationships)


Other Services

  • Case Review



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